Mentoring the 100 Way®

A holistic mentoring program that addresses the social, emotional and cultural needs of children ages 8-18. Through chapter operated one-on-one and group mentoring efforts, our members forge relationships that positively impact our greatest resource: our youth. The program focuses on building essential skills needed to become productive, contributing citizen

Central High School 100

The basic objective and purpose of the Central High School 100 Black Men Mentor Scholar Program is to provide an opportunity for high school minority male students to increase self-esteem and confidence, develop positive leadership skills, explore career options and be exposed to positive adult black male professional role models from the Louisville community. The CHS 100 mentor group usually consists of ten to twelve students each year from grade levels 9th to 12th and the students who participate are identified by referrals from teachers, school administrators and parents. Once students have been identified for the mentor program they are required to go through a basic interview and screening process to determine their level of interest and whether not they meet specific criteria for participation. Monthly mentoring sessions are held with students on a various topics such as: college readiness, college search, career options, personal finance and money management. Adult mentors are assigned to each student to provide guidance and support. Seniors who complete the program criteria are awarded scholarships.


Parkland Boys & Girls Club (The Bright Light Leadership Mentoring Program)

The objective is to provide a quality Community based Intervention Leadership – Mentoring Program for African American males at the Parkland Boys & Girls Club that will assist young men in developing strong personal development skills that lead to high achievement in school and success in life. The Bright Light Leadership Mentoring initiative focuses on 5 essential Core Values and the Mentoring the 100 Way Across a Lifetime curriculums. Character, Self-Esteem, Confidence, Respect, Responsibility and Leadership. Monthly meetings are held with students and many of the following topics are covered: self-confidence, positive attitude and character, peer pressure, public speaking, jobs and employment, college readiness as well as health and wellness concerns and initiatives. This is a three year phrased program with plans to provide an adult mentor for each male participant.


Rico’s Roundtable

Rico’s Roundtable is a collaboration of many local agencies, organizations, fraternities, sororities, civil as well as nonprofit groups that form a community consortium to address the academic achievement gap that at-risk youth are faced with as students in the Jefferson County Public School System. The target students are youth from the Newburg community school geographical area. The main objective is to provide mentoring programs and big brother big sister support services in order to empower children and families to achieve their dreams through, leadership endeavors self-respect and perseverance. Monthly mentoring sessions are held with student with each consortium partner providing the leadership. Students are actively engaged in the sessions are rewarded for their involvement and attendance.


Frost Middle School (All Stars Mentoring Program)

The objective is to inspire young men to identify personal dreams or goals and build action plans toward achieving them. Mentors share their knowledge and experience with the young men on life skills projects, this program serves 15 to 20 6th graders; small groups of mentees meet weekly with mentors during school. The mentors and mentees explore the roles and responsibilities for academic success and productive citizenship.