President: Gary Eley

Vice President: Darryl Watson

Secretary:  Brian Spaulding

Treasurer:  Gerald Joiner

Parliamentarian:  Kevin Gibson

Chaplain:  CHarles Hopkins II

Historian:  Roger Reynolds

Committee Chairpersons

Mentoring – Richard Wilson II

Health and Wellness – Gary Spaulding

Education and Scholarships –  Robert Metcalf

Economic Empowerment – 


Charles Alexander

Walter Bedford Jr.

James Burks

Allen Claycomb

Al Cornish

Roderick Davis

Gary Eley

Brian Evans

Jerome Garner

Kevin H. Gibson

Reggie Gresham

Roberto Grider

Charles Hopkins II

Ken Howard

David James

Charlie Johnson

Gerald Joiner

Jerry Ledbetter

Max Maxwell

Robert Metcalf

Marvin Mitchell

Willie Peterson

Roger Reynolds

Kevin Shurn

Charles Snow

Brian Spaulding

Gary Spaulding

Richard Wilson II

Darryl Watson

Kevin Wigginton

Dr. Daniel Withers

Dr. Gregory Woolfork

AND our list of members is growing!